Journal indexing


The Journal of Smart Agriculture and Environmental Technology is committed to broadening the reach of academic and research publications. Our journal is indexed in several respected databases and platforms to ensure maximum visibility and credibility in the academic community. Below is a list of databases and indexers where you can find our publications:

List of Indexers

  1. Crossref
    • Description: A foundational citation linking service widely used in the academic world.
    • Website
  2. Google Scholar
    • Description: A freely accessible search engine that indexes scholarly articles across many disciplines.
    • Website
  3. Index Copernicus
    • Description: Provides a comprehensive evaluation of scientific journals.
    • Website
  4. Dimensions
    • Description: A modern, innovative system that offers a variety of discovery, access, and analytical tools.
    • Website
  5. Garuda (Garda Rujukan Digital)
    • Description: An Indonesian digital reference system that archives scholarly publications.
    • Website
  6. Moraref
    • Description: A repository that accommodates scholarly works in Indonesia.
    • Website
  7. ResearchGate
    • Description: A professional network for scientists and researchers to share and access scientific output, knowledge, and expertise.
    • Website
  8. Indonesia OneSearch
    • Description: A search service to access various academic resources in Indonesia.
    • Website

How to Search Our Publications

To find our journal's articles, you can use the search functionality available on each of the above-listed platforms. Simply enter the journal name or specific article keywords to find relevant publications.